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Cardi B New Label At Atlantic Records & She’s Looking For New Talent Submit Today! WATCH:

Cardi B Record Label Auditions in New York
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Cardi B Is A Label Owner And She’s Looking To Sign!

It's rare that artist / actresses wanted to become a new label owner, but Cardi B has an extra opportunity of a lifetime, to make someone else’s dream come true. The singer songwriter has been doing a lot lately. The ex Love and Hiphop New York star has a new restaurant open, releasing new singles, and casting a reality show, she is on fire! Cardi B calls on Instagram and announces that she and Atlantic Records are looking for talent to sign to Cardi’s new label, and she wants rappers, pop, hip hop and r&b singers, songwriters, beats and beat makers! Due to her deal, Cardi B revealed she must contractually sign five (5) unsigned artists a year, therefore your chances of being needed on the label are increased!

Atlantic Label

Open Auditions for New York City, NY: 2017

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