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 Call To Artists Posted 02-22-2019

Re: Send demo to Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton
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Welcome To Rtsabm | Music Biz Etc

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Artist SpotlightThis website gives you a Monthly Updated List of Record Company Contacts who have talent scouts who are currently accepting demoFeatured Story submissions from new artists.  They can evaluate your demo recordings to see if you have what it takes to get that recording contract you have been looking for:

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  • No need for a huge studio budget, just a recording device to present a small sample of your vocals or musical works. Songwriters are also able to tryout as songwriters only, and the same with strictly dancers or performers via a DVD only for dancers;
  • If you don't like the idea of getting discovered by playing live club gigs, or signing up for contests, then this is the site for you.
  • Of course if you do have a professionally produced demo CD, you can submit that to the record companies as well and if you do perform live regularly, this will certainly not hurt you...
  • Looking for a job or internship at a record company? Send your resume instead of a demo.

    The unique element about this website is that we do not just provide you with information about record companies and how and where to submit your demos to industry reps, but we are also recording industry reps ourselves who volunteer our time to this site, so you can know that you are always interacting with knowledgeable individuals.

    Artist Wanted for Recording Deals
    RTS Music Biz Etc works directly with labels through extensive artist search.  You will have a team of new monthly professional label contacts and producers, looking to sign new artists or songwriters, beats and beat makers for celebrity artists. Our A&R scouts believe stars are made not born and we can help you start your journey of preparing you to be a star.
    Artist Management
    We don't provide artist management directly to artist seeking to break into the music industry but can refer you to a professional resource.  Having many years of combined experience in the industry, we've assisted with the careers of new and established artist and can help artist with many aspects of artist management custom tailored to their individual needs or desires.
    Artist Boot Camp List:  Coming Soon
    Summer intensive boot camps will be announced later when they become availabe for pop stardom, hip hop, rock and other genre training.  They generally are a 2 or 4 week course where artists are trained individually with some of the best industry names to develop an artists career. An opportunity for all ages including child stars on the rise, youth, teen, kids and adult.

    The 2017 Categories include:
    • AAA (Adult Album Alternative)
    • AC (Adult Contemporary)
    • Americana
    • Christian
    • Country
    • EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
    • Folk / Singer Songwriter
    • R&B / Hip Hop
    • Bucking Majorette Dance Music
    • Rock / Metal
    • Pop / Top 40
    • Screen Shot (original songs in all genres suited for placement in Film / TV / Advertising / Video Games)
    • Teen / Kids / Child (for artists 18 years old and younger)
    • Vocal Performance / Voice Overs

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    Independent Rap Labels On The Rise
    Chaos Exclusive Beats Looking For Rappers, New Artists
    Atlanta Label Wanted: New R&B Singers
    Casting Calls In Atlanta: Lead Roles For Music Videos: Models, Actresses, Dancers
    Mosley Music Group Los Angeles Record Label - Looking For Pop Singers, Rappers, Unsigned Artists Hip Hop Major Labels Unsigned Artists Wanted In Chicago for Record Deals Looking For Rappers To Sign

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